Apr. 18th, 2017

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So, following a weekend of adventures and excitement, ARR spent three days of spring break at Camp Papa & Gramma, where he played with many Transformers, drew giant towns with chalk, went to the beach, and successfully conned them into two trips to McDonald's. He also got his first haircut sitting by himself in a big-boy chair (rather than on Papa's lap), and successfully received the three lollipops he had negotiated with the barber for during his last visit. Reportedly, after the haircut, he looked at himself in the mirror and announced, “Hey, good looking!”

On Wednesday, he came home and Grammy came to stay with us for the remainder of the week, so they had park, game and crafting adventures for two days.

On Saturday, he had a friend's birthday party at a pizza restaurant, where each kid got to make his own pizza. He waited patiently through the cheese step, and the other parents were very impressed when he rejected pepperoni and pineapple in favor of covering his pizza with broccoli, peppers and mushrooms. After eating, the boys were given tokens for the game room, where he did a decent job at his very first games of skee-ball and wack-a-mole. And we fought with a crane game until he got a rubber duckie from it.

On Sunday, we had an Easter brunch with Grammy and Grampy. Jethrien made deviled eggs and homemade (dairy-free) cinnamon rolls, and we ate too much, leading to the grown-ups eating salad for lunch. Then we realized that after hiding and finding plastic eggs a dozen times and doing the Easter crafts, we'd run out of plans for the day. So I sent out a text and we slowly acquired B, J, Ivy and Xannoside as we traveled from our house to Van Vorst Park to B's house and finally to sushi dinner.

Monday was ARR's last day of spring break, so I took off from work and we went to Liberty Science Center. The two major milestones: He's now tall enough (42”) to go on the Infinity Climber. Given that he can climb mountains, I knew he could handle this, and though he insisted I come with him the first time, he was soon handling it like a champ. Second was “the Sneeze Man,” a sneezing statue in the Infection Connection exhibit that has terrified him for over a year. “Now that I'm four, I'm not scared of the Sneeze Man.” And sure enough, now he found it funny, and we could enter that section of the museum again.

Oh, and when a smaller child tried to pull him away from the elevator buttons, ARR exclaimed, “Mister Grabby Hands!”

And just to cap it off, he's managed a dry pull-up every night since break started, so last night he slept in underpants. I'm sure we'll have a few accidents, but there's another major milestone right there.


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