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Reunions was fantastic. We did the one-day Saturday trip via train, as usual, and we brought ARR along.

ARR discovered an appreciation for women's ice hockey, was unenthused by the marching band, ate Chinese food, played billiards at Campus, spent over an hour on a bouncy slide, then another hour in the playroom the 15th reunion had set up, took a nap during the p-rade, saw Koleinu (and thought their rendition of “Hallelujah” was “beautiful”), got ice cream from The Bent Spoon, played Rescue Bots with JG, and saw his first fireworks. There was a bit of crankiness here and there and one bathroom-related incident, but overall he seemed to have had a great time.

We joked that now Reunions has become an extended series of playdates. There were a LOT of kids brought by my cohort this year, and I got to meet Janine's son and both of Kat's kids, among many others. While I didn't see everyone I wanted to (you never do), I saw a bunch of my favorite far-flung folks and got to catch up with Craig for the first time in four years.

Jethrien took ARR home on the train after the fireworks, and I stayed another couple of hours for Cookie Night. Despite my concerns about cookies being delivered, they made it there successfully and we had plenty. Koleinu sounds amazing—they performed their award-winning new song complete with choreography, and it did indeed deserve awards. We also did a bunch of older material with alums joining in, and among other things, I was reminded that the proper tenor part to “Teenage Dream” is just a b-flat over and over. I got to duet on “Hallelujah” and “Pompeii”, which was fun.

Sunday was actually better than I feared, as well. ARR slept until 7, then Jethrien took first shift and I got to sleep until 9. I took ARR to his My Gym class and Jethrien slept until lunch, then she took him to check out a new robotics camp/maker space that opened near us. When they got home, we had a very successful family naptime where everybody got more sleep, and then watched The Lego Batman Movie together. (Including waiting through the credits to see my dad's name.) For the record, I thought that was great and ARR loved it.



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