May. 3rd, 2017

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Occasionally, I look at my backlog and say, “Man, I don't even know why that's on there. I don't really want to watch it.” And even more occasionally, I'm smart enough to remove things. There's more than enough media to consume without forcing myself to watch things I added on a whim but don't enjoy.

Lost Girl (TV Series) - It's like somebody watched Charmed and thought it was the best show ever, except that it needed less of the lovey-dovey "family" stuff and more sexy-sexy. So with a similar off-brand fast-and-loose approach to mythology, but a succubus instead of three witches as the protagonist, we have this show. I found myself irritated that the Fae are "dark" and "light" when the perfectly-good and much less hokey (and loaded) term "seelie" exists. A subplot of the first few episodes could have been shortened to "Can you teach me how to control my hunger?" "Yeah, boink the werewolf." It's not funny enough to watch for the comedy, and the characters (and their drama) aren't interesting enough to watch for them. Oh, and it initially aired on network TV, so you know the sexiness is just going to be cheesecake tease rather than anything of note (either in terms of titillation or plot value).

Shameless (US TV Series) - I made it through half of the first episode before I decided this didn't actually appear to me. Embarrassment squick and a misery parade for a struggling family doesn't appeal to me, even with the sexiness. (Especially since it managed to be wince-sexiness multiple times in half an episode.)

Fuller House (Netflix, Season 2) - Twenty-one years after Full House ended, the second generation of the family still lives in the old house, now with Kimmy’s once-and-future husband Fernando joining the main cast, DJ’s former suitors acquiring other girlfriends, and Stephanie falling for Kimmy’s long-unseen brother Jimmy Gibbler. The 30-minute episode length makes them feel much more “full” than the classic 22-minute episodes, with more plots per episode and more time to stuff in both new and old jokes, but I think I wore out the nostalgia value with season 1. I may go back and watch the rest of this season in a few years, when I'm feeling the need for late-80s sitcom goodness again, but for now I've had my fill. (And I suspect that when season 3 drops, I'll at least look through the episode list to see if there are any guest stars I want to see.)


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