Apr. 9th, 2017

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As it fell right at the beginning of ARR’s spring break and we had plans to rent a car for adventures anyway, we decided to check out Lunacon. An hour from our house made for an easy day trip, and the listed activities put it about on par with Philcon for activity. So that’s how we spent Saturday.

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Overall: I’m not sure we’ll return, at least not until ARR is older. But there was enough entertainment to make the day worthwhile, and I consider an afternoon with Xavcat worth the price of admission.
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Earth, 2471 AD. The only thing that matters is The Game. As a Player - a trained Professional or a conscripted Amateur - you Port into The Splinter with an audience of millions watching your every move. In a VR mega-dungeon of infinite size, you will struggle in conflicts dire, for your very life, and for the entertainment of the masses.

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Overall: I strongly suspect I’m going to use this setting, or a bunch of major elements from it. But the system is a hot mess that I can’t imagine my players tolerating. (I suspect this needs a “second edition” by an experienced game design team who can streamline the rules.)


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