Mar. 29th, 2017

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Greene Hook just opened down by my office, so Mith and I gave it a try. The Yelp reviews noted the fried chicken, which was indeed really good—the breading was more herb-y than you usually see. That came with biscuits, which had an excellent flavor but were dry; and spaetzle mac-and-cheese, which was a heavy-duty truffle-and-herb affair. Very tasty, and I ended up taking a bag of leftovers back to the office. A little pricier than some of the other nearby options, but I suspect we’ll return.

When my lunch plans got cancelled last week, I instead stopped by the Omniburger food truck, which touts vegetarian food in portable form. The beet and bean-based omniburger was okay, a bit dry. Their lemon-vinegar slaw that was the side dish, on the other hand, was really good. And I suppose I felt virtuous for eating it.

I had lunch with B and J at Liberty Prime Steakhouse, which I’ve been walking past for years but had never tried. I was actually underwhelmed, because while I had a burger, my burger was over-grilled, which bodes poorly for the steaks. B had a “grilled cheese” which was actually a steak sandwich with cheese, bacon and tomato. (This is not to be confused with the three other menu items that, anywhere else, would be called “steak sandwich”.) The Lobster Bisque was respectable; the wedge garlic fries were tasty but super-heavy.

Similarly, Mith and I tried Taste of North China, as Chinese cuisine had been a gap in our lunch rotation. The General Tso’s chicken was decent, the mei fun noodles were very good, and the chicken dumplings were good but not great. Respectable all around; I’d be tempted to branch out and try the Szechuan chicken or something when we go back.

Jethrien and I hit up New Thanh Hoai with ARR from dinner last week. Which we’ve done before, but now that he’s over the peanut allergy, it’s a fantastic choice. Pretty much no dairy in anything, and lots of things he really likes. We got the seafood lo mein and it included four types of seafood and at least six different fresh vegetables—and nothing gets ARR to chow down like variety.

As a side note, I reiterate my opinion that you should get kabobs from Rumi, schwarma from Gypsy Grill, and falafel from Ibby’s.

Bike Theft

Mar. 29th, 2017 04:39 pm
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I noted this on Facebook, but when I left to go to work last Wednesday, I discovered that my bike had been stolen from our porch. I filed a police report; they’re not going to recover it. I didn’t bother with a homeowner’s insurance claim because after the $500 deductible it’s not worth having the claim on my records.

There’s some chance that I simply forgot to lock the bike and someone walked off with it. It’s also possible that someone used an angle grinder to pop my lock—apparently while the jointed metal locks like I had are very resistant to clipping and sawing, an angle grinder can pop them open very quickly, and the internet tells me that bike thieves have recently started using them.

So on Saturday, ARR and I hit the bike shop and ordered my new bike: Slightly smaller, same brand (Giant) in bright yellow. I’m getting my Pinhead locks again, along with my front basket and fancy kickstand. Instead of saddlebags I ordered folding baskets for the back rack; we’ll see how I feel about them.

And after doing a bunch of research, I determined that the best theft-deterrent lock currently available is nine pounds of fuck-off steel chain. So that is what I ordered. (Ben later noted that all the bike delivery guys in the neighborhood have variants of that for their bikes. Clearly they know something.)

I think I always knew that this bike would end its tenure by being stolen—I’ve had the receipt for it (with the serial number) in my wallet since I bought it 2.5 years ago. That was convenient for the police report. And at this particular time and place in my life, this is just an inconvenience—I’m getting a new bike, which I can totally afford, and amortized over the use I got out of the old one, this was pretty cheap. (Figure I spent about a grand on the bike, accessories and maintenance; and I rode it five days a week for about a year and a half. That’s less than $3/day to cut 25 minutes off my commuting time. Good deal!)

So it stings, but all’s well.


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