Mar. 2nd, 2017

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Turns out I like point-and-click / hidden object adventure games, so I actually bought three more two-buck bundles of them when they came up.

The Emptiness Deluxe Edition - This is a hidden objects puzzle game that tries to do things a bit differently: Apparently you're in a house in your own mind, full of all sorts of (troperiffic) scary shit. You need to find letters hidden around the house--but they don't appear until you need them (so you need to search the same areas over and over and over) and the tools you need to get some of them also don't appear until you know you need them. So you do a LOT of repetitive searching. The graphics are great… for 1999 (photo-negative is very popular), and the play control is definitely 7th Guest-inspired. It's moderately inventive for the genre, but not so great to play.

Princess Isabella - A witch cursed the castle and you need to break the curse in each area and free all the people. Relatively standard, though if the "Hey Listen!" exposition fairy annoys you, well, this has a very classic example of the type. (It assumes that this is your first point-and-click adventure game, certainly.) Puzzles are decent, navigation is fine; they make an effort to use most of the items you find in the hidden objects sequences, which I appreciate.

Dreamscapes: The Sandman - Premium Edition - When the Sandman steals a mystic dreamcatcher, its owner falls into a permanent sleep; but you can enter her dreams and try to wake her. This is another of the "it all takes place in a dream" games which excuses the extremely random setpieces. No stock hidden object puzzles; but there is still plenty of hunt-and-peck gameplay. The puzzles are standard, and the sequence of using adventure game items is moderately linear. Overall middling.

Sister’s Secrecy: Arcanum Bloodlines - Premium Edition - Your twin sister has gone missing, and the ghost of your uncle can lead you to the cult that kidnapped her. The bright and cheerful fantasy-esque images with the "horror" content felt, for some reason, particularly hokey. Also, it's revealed that you gathered the magic crystals and walked right into the villain’s trap, but one simple puzzle later and you've won. You're timed for the hidden object puzzles, but there doesn't seem to be a guess penalty. Also, you win coins for solving puzzles, which can be used to buy extra artwork and the music player.

Escape The Lost Kingdom: The Forgotten Pharaoh - A family of four gets trapped in a cursed Egyptian tomb; and a chunk of the game has them separated (you play them separately and they all have different abilities) trying to find their way back together. This is actually pretty solid, except for the fact that it's very short. I got what appeared to be a "bad end" by playing through the game--the family escapes, but worries that the Forgotten Prince is free, too. Online discussions indicate there's a "collector’s edition" of the game that remedies this.

Haunted Past: Realm of Ghosts - You've inherited a haunted house and need to exorcise the ghost in it before you can move in. This game has the gimmick that you can move through mirrors into "ghost world" versions of certain rooms, where you can find items and hide them so you can retrieve them in the real world. Made by the same people as Escape The Lost Kingdom, it is similarly short but reasonably solid.

Culpa Innata - An odd game out, this is more of a King's Quest style point-and-click game, set in a Randian dystopian world in 2047, where only the selfish survive. The lack of subtitles (despite my manually turning them on) and the clunky controls made this lose my interest fast.

Weird Park Trilogy - Three games in one! I played the first one, "Broken Tune", about investigating the ghost of an evil clown, and found it and middle-of-the-road, standard game of this style. The puzzles were a little on the obtuse side and several of the hidden object sets had badly-colored areas that you couldn't really see the objects in; but the sequences were moderately non-linear. The game is about twice as long as you'd expect--there's a whole second area once you free the guy you've come to rescue.

Overall: This was a predictable bag of middle-of-the-road games, but I found all but one worth playing through. I don’t think any of them leap out as games I’d need to recommend, but I enjoyed them.
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The 'Chronus Fragments' are needed to prepare for the 'Time Rewinding', which only takes place once every 10 years. On their way to the Chronus Shrine to get the Fragments, Loka and Teth are surrounded by a mysterious man named Geppel and his gang. They demand the Fragments. Teth and Geppel vanish and Loka, the main character, decides to set out on a journey to find them. He is quickly joined by his childhood best friend and a hammer-wielding pop starlet.

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Overall: Decent story concept, very nice dungeon design, but waaaay too much grinding. I seriously would have considered paying for IAP points if there was something that let me put the game into “no-grind” easy mode. Ah, well, can’t win ‘em all.


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