Jan. 3rd, 2017

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The alternate title to this season (if not this show in general) is "The Poor Life Choices of Barry Allen". Because boy oh boy, he does impressively dumb things for a smart guy who can think at super-speed.

SPOILERS in my commentary.

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Overall: The fact that several major plot points in this season require Barry (and sometimes everyone else) to be an absolute chowderhead is maddening, but it’s still totally a fun show. I look forward to season 3, in which Barry Allen makes more terrible decisions and possibly breaks reality in doing so.
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Tap Heroes - Tap to attack enemies, and tap to heal your heroes as you go through numbered stages with endless enemies to fight, and periodic boss battles that give you blue gems necessary for the better upgrades. The balance is really kind of terrible--you can use blue gems for all sorts of neat stuff, but they're rare and there doesn't appear to be an IAP mechanism for buying them. You accumulate insane amounts of gold when the game is idle, but levelling your heroes like crazy just makes progressing easy, not actually faster. I strongly suspect the Android version of this is better and has received significantly more developer attention.

Loot Hero DX - I had actually played the Android version of this some time ago--it's a casual game in which you run back and forth, killing things by smashing into them, to make your stats go up so you can run farther and smash into bosses. You can get most of the trophies in less than an hour of play, and everything in less than two--I think this works better as a "five minutes at a time" mobile game.

Fly'N - Interestingly, this is a puzzle-platformer, not a flying game! An alien steals all the cool glowy stuff from your tree-like world and dumps trash on it, and you need to jump, float, sing and fly on magic currents to retrieve it. I wasn’t feeling it right now, but might go back.

World Defense : A Fragmented Reality Game - An interesting take on tower defense, using real-world maps and actual scenery. It's a bit buggy, though--attempting to bring up a map of my neighborhood caused it to crash, as did playing it for a few rounds at the Statue of Liberty. Also, it could really use the "speed up the waves" feature which most tower defense games seem to have. From the notes, this seems to be almost entirely the work of one guy, as a labor of love, and that explains a lot of the issues. Props for the concept, execution needs refining.

Victory: The Age of Racing - Deluxe Edition Content - A racing game with two major features that double as pitfalls: One is that it puts you in a driver's seat view, which is rare...and it's rare because it's less fun than seeing the outside of the car. The other is that it heavily emphasizes online races, to the point where it doesn't seem like there are any AI racers. I don't really like online competition and there was no one playing, anyway.

Egyptian Senet - Senet was apparently ubiquitous in ancient Egypt, in that everybody played it, but they never traded it to other areas and nobody actually seemed to enjoy it. (So just like Monopoly.) This automates a lot of the fiddly rules and alerts you to all of your available moves at any point, but the game is still boring and heavily dependent on randomness over strategy. I won't be teaching it to ARR.

No Turning Back: The Pixel Art Action-Adventure Roguelike - This is only a "roguelike" in that it has a randomly-generated dungeon and permadeath. The play is real-time, not turn based, there doesn't seem to be a food mechanic or randomized items (or even much of an inventory), and there isn't much to do. Also, your weapons seem to only be able to attack left and right despite a 360 degree freedom of movement, it's incredibly easy to die but enemies have tons of HP, and if there are special abilities, I couldn't get them to work. Now, this is supposedly still under development and I'd be curious to see an improved version, but I'm not holding my breath.

Space Drifters 2D - This...is a fancier (but only slightly) version of Asteroids for the Atari 2600. The graphics are slightly better (as in, line art instead of blocks), the controls are more complicated (requiring two sticks and four buttons), and there are additional game modes. But seriously, it's just Asteroids.

Sixtieth Kilometer - This is a visual novel with unpleasantly-strict quick time ("tap the key when it appears") events. And like a Choose Your Own Adventure novel, wrong choices end in death. Translated from Russian and set in Russia, you play as a man caught on a train when a mysterious toxic pink mist falls. Apparently quite long and still ongoing, the story didn't grab me enough to deal with the system.

Uriel's Chasm 2 - ...WTF? This appears to be some nonsensical anime-esque biblical ramblings, followed by a shoot-em-up section, then some sort of top-down scenario where you put out fires and collect fruit? I don't know. The controls are terrible and nothing is explained. IDEK.

Overall: This had a couple of games that were fine casual games but would have been better on a touchscreen system; a half-decent puzzle-platformer, several works-in-progress with potential (but pretty much only that), and a couple of genuinely bad games. (Though, at least in the case of Senet, that's not the programmer's fault.) 


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